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Heera Green Cardamom Pods 50 gm

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Gerard Kehoe
New brand to me

I’ve never used Heera-brand cardamom pods before but these are really fragrant and flavoursome. Added a few crushed seeds to shortbread and the taste punched through.

Heera Green Cardamom Pods 50 gm

Green Cardamom is a favourite whole spice in every Indian household. Popularly known as Elaichi, this spice is a powerhouse of goodness. 

Its aroma can easily elevate anyone's mood instantly - be it used in preparing food or making tea. 

Apart from aroma, it has many health benefits also:

  • It aids in digestion
  • Helps remove bad breath
  • Works as an natural expectorant or as a natural cough remedy
  • Helps with detoxofication
  • Improves metabolism. 

When your kids refuse to drink milk, simply toss some cardamom seeds into the milk and boil it. They will fall in love with their milk!

Keto friendly, Vegan, low FODMAP