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Our Story

Our Story


We are a young, dynamic company with years of experience in food industry.

People of Indian subcontinent have very different needs when it comes to food. We often don't realize the value of our culture when we live in our home country.

However, when we move out due to work or studies, we often miss those small things that form an integral part of our culture.

More often than not, it may be difficult to find the right quality products easily. Moreover, today's fast-paced life makes it even more difficult to explore and go out shopping for the otherwise 'basic needs'.

Nuclear families have become a norm now and almost every household has both the partners working. So, it becomes even more difficult to take out time to get the basic needs fulfilled.

We, at TruEthnics are trying to fill these gaps by sourcing high quality products to cater to the needs of people of Indian subcontinent. 

We offer the convenience of easy-to-order interface with home delivery, so you can spend time with your loved ones :) Now, you don't have to spend your weekends standing in the long queues of supermarkets. Go for a walk to the beach instead!

Each product in our store is carefully hand-picked after serious vetting of manufacturers for hygiene and quality. 

Apart from the regular products, we also strive our best in bringing to you products that help you stay connected with your culture.

We try to celebrate each festival with you by helping you create the festive mood that you enjoy back home! Our thoughtfully sourced special festive products will help you recreate the magic and enjoy your festivals like never before!

We would appreciate your valuable feedback on our services/products and would also like to hear your suggestions on any new products/brands that you would want to buy!