Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

Dry, damaged hair needs some serious TLC. Check out this miracle worker that will give you that gorgeous healthy hair.

When it comes to protecting and nourishing dry and/or brittle hair, hot oil treatments are a popular option.

Made from plant-based oils, like olive, almond, and coconut, hot oil treatments work by sealing the hair cuticle. This can help strengthen and protect your hair.

Apart from that, the relaxed and rejuvenated feeling after getting a hot oil massage is second to none!

There are several options for getting a hot oil treatment. You can choose to go to a salon. Or, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can try a do-it-yourself (DIY) hot oil treatment at home.

However, before you use a hot oil treatment, be sure it’s right for your type of hair, and that you understand the safety risks. If you have any skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema, ask your doctor or dermatologist if a hot oil treatment is safe to use on your scalp.

What are the benefits of a hot oil treatment?

Many of the plant oils used in a hot oil treatment have properties that may help protect and moisturize your hair.

Other potential benefits of hot oil treatments include:

  • increased hair strength

  • reduced dryness of both the scalp and hair

  • moisturised hair

  • help with dandruff relief

  • reduced frizz

  • fewer split ends

  • increased blood flow in the scalp, which may help promote healthier hair.

Which oils are the best for a hot oil treatment?

As suggested by several researches and feedback gathered from people around the world, following are the best oils for hot oil treatment:

  1. Coconut Oil

  2. Almond Oil

  3. Mustard Oil

  4. Olive Oil

  5. Castor Oil

Once a week, heat the oil by placing the oil bottle or a bowl of oil in some hot water to heat it up slightly.

How to use it

  1. Part your hair into sections.

  2. Apply the oil to the scalp and gently massage for a few mins.

  3. Slather the oil to the rest of the hair.

  4. Tie your hair into a bun and cover with a shower cap for 30mins to restore shine and softness.

  5. After 30mins, shampoo the oil out of your hair. If necessary, double shampoo to remove all traces of oil.

Whatever be your hair type - straight or curly, short or long, you can benefit from the huge advantages of a hair oil massage. And it's not just for women, it is equally good for men and kids!

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